The Band

Chris, Billy, Ben, Nathaniel, Andy, and Tucker at the Mile Marker n Gloucester.
Chris, Billy, Ben, Nathaniel, Andy, and Tucker at the Mile Marker in Gloucester.



Labor in Vain is a lively Ipswich-based acoustic group playing a wide range of Americana: folk, blues, and bluegrass.

Labor in Vain often consists of:

  • Ben Staples – guitar and vocals
  • Nathaniel Brown – mandolin
  • Billy Dylengoski – bass
  • Tucker Lindquist – harmonica, vocals, and miscellaneous stringed instruments
  • Andy Lindsay – Dobro, guitar, and vocals
  • Chris Florio – guitar and vocals
  • Walker Staples – accordion and vocals
  • Sam Staples – drums
All from Ipswich, except Billy who lives next door in Hamilton.
Ben, Andy and Nathaniel first met at the Ipswich 375 ‘Community Building Community’ event in the summer of 2009. Bob Weatherall and Jay Esty invited us to play some music while the volunteer crew worked on the timber frame house being built on Memorial Green.
We seemed to have a common interest in the type of music we liked, and those summer sessions on Memorial Green evolved into jam sessions at Ben’s house. Ben encouraged his long-time friend Bill to join, and Labor in Vain took shape.  Our ‘big break’ occurred when Umesh gave us the opportunity to play at Zumi’s.
When schedules permit, Ben’s sons, Sam and Walker, join us. Nothing better than seeing Ben and his boys playing together – not many people get to experience that. Chris and Tucker are the most recent members to join the group – we found Tucker floating in his kayak in the river by Ben’s house. Both Chris and Tucker have added great flavor and energy to Labor In Vain.

Labor in Vain are frequently seen at Zumi’s Espresso and the Appleton Farm Dinner series, but can crop up on the North Shore where you least expect them. Maybe even playing in a library